Provided Equipment

Ross Arthur provides all necessary equipment-at no extra cost to you. See what is included below...

 LD Systems Curv 500 ES

Ross's PA of choice is the patented, first of it's kind, LD Systems portable line-array. It features a 10" bass reflex subwoofer, and one 4" and three 1" drivers.

This system is state of the art and provides warm, crystal clear & powerful sound that is distributed evenly across the venue. At nearly 500 watts, this speaker is loud enough for any size of event!

LD Systems in-ear monitoring

Ross uses the LD Systems MEI ONE in-ear monitoring system with custom-moulded/fitted ACS ear-pieces. This allows Ross to hear his performance clearly, no matter how loud the music/venue may be... ensuring a top performance- every time!

Alto ZMX862 Professional Mixer

A simple, yet, effective Mixing Desk. This Alto Professional allows Ross to provide a perfectly balanced sound, tailored for each individual venue, every time! It also gives him the opportunity to transmit a different balance to his own in-ear monitoring system than that of the audience.

This desk makes plugging the music into a bar/venues own system possible and takes up next to no space at all!

Roller banners

Ross brings premium quality vinyl roller banners to each show. They make sure that customers/audience know that there is an event on, who it is and what songs are being played!

Music Playlist

A music playlist for during breaks in the entertainment is available to use if desired. It is a compilation of No.1 hits, it features something for everyone!

TC Electronics Harmony Singer ii

Used subtly, The TC Electronics Harmony Singer 2 pedal is an integral part of Ross's show. He creates the effect of backing vocalists, completely live, adding a layer of creativity. It helps a soloist like Ross re-create classic choruses such as 'Hotel California' in-front of your eyes.

Faith- Jupiter Cutaway (Hi Gloss)

Having played some of the most well-known and high end brands of guitar, Ross spent years looking for a guitar sound that he favoured more than his Yamaha APX 5A. 

Recently he discovered Faith's Jupiter, a jumbo guitar with a full, natural sound. That brings not only a delicate soft tone when required but a impactful, powerful and percussive sound. 

It is a top of the range, fantastic sounding guitar.


TC Electronics Polytune pedal

The highly accurate Polytune Pedal makes sure that each song is perfectly in tune! It also cuts out the guitar audio whilst the tuning process is on-going, allowing for seamless, non-disruptive song transitions.

All Necessary Cables/Accessories

Ross has all necessary cables/accessories needed to independently run his show. This includes: a 4-way power extension, microphone cables, guitar cables etc.